Our U.K. Adventure, June/July 2014 — Week 3

We left Edinburgh and headed to Lossiemouth in northern Scotland to visit my nephew Wayne and his family. We had a really enjoyable time getting to know his wife Kate and their three children. Tristan and Rachel had fun playing with Chloe. Rachel enjoyed feeding their twin baby boys, William and Jacob. We even got a tour of Wayne’s work place at Lossiemouth, which was a big hit with the kids!

After Lossiemouth it was time to go and find the Loch Ness Monster. We toured the visitor’s center; it was very informative, however, I felt like they spent too much time explaining the sightings and showing how they were not really Nessie sightings. Rachel was sure she saw Nessie in the distance. After we left Loch Ness we headed through the Scottish Highlands, what beautiful countryside. A highlight was seeing a lone bagpiper playing his pipes on the side of the hill. Very cool. I love the sound of pipes…..

We ended up in Glasgow just for a quick night stop then were off to Lincoln to visit my Uncle Trevor and family.

Lincoln is a fantastic city full of history and culture. It is also the home of my Uncle Trevor and Aunt Anneliese. I had not seen them in more than 20 years, and it was superb to visit and catch up over the three days. Before we left, we asked them for recommendations for hotels in their area. They found a great place in downtown Lincoln looking right at the castle wall and the cathedral. Skipper (Uncle Trevor) made the reservation for us to avoid international calls to set everything up. It was the one part of the trip where I did not have to plan anything. They also planned two full days and evenings of activity for us, including tours of the castle, cathedral, Sir Isaac Newton’s house, and a visit to Belton House. One of the evenings was spent having dinner in a traditional English country pub. My cousins were not able to get time off work, but joined us every evening for dinner. Overall the entire experience was grand and probably my most memorable part of the trip. I hope it’s not another 20+ years before I see them again.

Week 3 Pics.


One response to “Our U.K. Adventure, June/July 2014 — Week 3

  1. Wish we could have been with you all, it’s been too long since I have seen my brother too. Send photo’s xx

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