Father/Son Camping Weekend 2014

When he was five, Tristan wanted to go fishing and sleep in a tent. He had never done either one. I reached out to a couple of our friends who had boys Tristan’s age and suggested a camping weekend at Clear Lake, Oregon.

Fast forward five years — we went with three other dads and their respective boys to Twin Lakes in Eastern Oregon this month. We arrived on a Thursday and departed that Sunday. What a splendid time. We had three campsites with three trailers and a tent. We were fully equipped with microwaves, fridge freezers, A/C and TVs — yes, we were roughing it.  🙂

During the day we gave the kids our undivided attention and did basically anything they wanted, including rafting, kayaking, swimming, playing games, etc. One of the dads even purchased a paddle board for the trip. This was very cool as most of us had never used one. This year was a little different in that they were mostly all 10 years old. In the past we had to keep a closer eye on them when they were riding around the park and playing in the trees. This year they had more autonomy to show their responsibility.

After dinner we changed the pace of things a bit. The kids all go into one of the trailers for movies, games or whatever they choose to do. At this point the dads break out the poker and adult beverages. It’s a great group of dads who go on this trip, and we all get along very well. We play cards well into the early hours of the morning. I did feel a little sorry for our campsite neighbors this year as we were not exactly quiet after 10 pm. It’s amazing how you can solve the world’s problems with a little rum and whisky while playing poker. 🙂

The kids get along great (for the most part). A sign of a successful trip was once again the kids not being happy to go home and already asking the dads where we are going next year.

That brings up a good point as these trips do not just happen, and it involves a lot of planning and preparation. Usually we spend some time during the year at a bar playing poker and accomplishing a little planning. 😉

DSC_4194 DSC_4195 DSC_4201

Bring on the planning meeting!!!!

Happy Trails

One response to “Father/Son Camping Weekend 2014

  1. Glad you had a good time and I see from Max’s poem about you Keith that you are the ‘Master Planner’ 🙂

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