Father/Daughter Camping Weekend

Last weekend Rachel and I took our annual camping trip together. It’s a time for her and I to get away on our own, leaving Tristan and Mum behind. This year she chose to go to Casey’s RV Park, in Oakridge, Oregon, one of our favorite places. I love the opportunity to escape with the kids individually and connect one-on-one. Tristan and I have been going on a father-son camping weekend with some of his friends and dads for the last five years.

When we arrived at Casey’s, we did the most important thing first. No, it was not setting up the trailer and campsite; it was buying ice cream. Once Rachel was set, I could have a little time to set up camp. We had a great day of swimming in the pool and riding bikes. She got to choose all of the meals for the weekend and the special treats we took with us. In the evenings we read books and played games. It was nice to not have the distraction of TV and life.

In the mornings we got up, had breakfast and sat outside, watching the river run by. We relished the tranquility of our surroundings reading books. I like the fact that the kids are at a stage where they can sit peacefully for a while and just relax without going a mile-a-minute.


She is already asking where we will go next year!

Happy Trails

One response to “Father/Daughter Camping Weekend

  1. A very special time for you both.

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