Our U.K. Adventure, June/July 2014 — Week 2

After a week in Tisbury, we headed down to Plymouth to visit my Uncle Paul and Aunt Alison. This is also the town where my gran lived. We had a couple of great days visiting and touring the area. I have fond memories of Plymouth. I remember growing up and going out on the moors to play. There was this huge rock that we loved to climb. We spent a day looking for it and with Alison’s help, we found it. Michelle thought it did not really exist. There’s something magical about watching your children relive some of the joys of your childhood. Something new for me on this trip was a bay cruise that we took out past some military battle ships and submarines. It was also interesting to see the Hoe from the water site. As a means of adding just a little more history, we went to the steps where the Mayflower set sail in 1620.

Over the years Michelle has learned to love some of the English comedies and shows that I have enjoyed. A more recent show is “Doc Martin.” The filming takes place in a small fishing village on the southwest coast called Port Isaac. Port Isaac was just over an hour from Plymouth, so we decided to head there on our way to Bath. We enjoyed a nice lunch and tour of the village. If you watch the show, rest assured that the town is just like you see it on television.

In Bath we spent the day touring the town and visiting the Roman Baths, a big hit. The Romans built the baths around Britain’s only hot springs and was considered the finest religious spa in northern Europe. Everywhere you look in Bath, you are reminded of times gone by.

Another highlight for me in Bath was visiting my Great Auntie Birdie, who turns 90 this year. We showed up and she had made us a homemade strawberry pie, homemade sausage rolls and various other snacks. We had a lovely visit.

We left Bath and headed to Chester on our way to Edinburgh. We spent just a few hours in Chester, although found it very charming and worth coming back to visit. We took a short tour around the cathedral and found a nice English pub for dinner.

Edinburgh is probably one of my favorite cities. I love the history and the castle, and I have great memories of going to the Edinburgh Tattoo. We had a couple of full days visiting the castle, The Mile, Scotts Tower, and the Royal Yacht Britannia. I had never toured the yacht before, and it was a great treat. We spent the morning touring all of the decks and having morning tea on the deck. Rachel really enjoyed having tea and cake on the deck. For a royal yacht, I would have expected it be a little more extravagant. The queen had a great deal of involvement in the ships décor, and she has relatively simple taste and a great dislike for redecorating needlessly. The laundry facilities are still the original equipment that was installed in the 1950s. It was a little surreal to be standing in places that have been frequented by royals, presidents, Nelson Mandela and the likes.

On our second evening we enjoyed a lovely evening with my Scottish relatives — Elizabeth, John, Auntie Moira, Ian and Andrew. Such a fun evening reliving old times and catching up.

Week 2

Happy Trails

3 responses to “Our U.K. Adventure, June/July 2014 — Week 2

  1. Did you know that Grandpa Allsopp was born in Bath.?

  2. I did not know that —

  3. WE used to visit my grandparents there, Dad was born in a house that overlooked Victoria Park.

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