Tele-Fest 2013 @ Hoodoo Oregon

Family Ski Day

This weekend I helped put on the annual Tele-Fest that my friend runs at Hoodoo, Oregon.  Tristan has wanted to come with me for several years.  This year he was old enough to come and be a real help.  We camped out up at Hoodoo the night before the event which Tristan really enjoyed.  The next day Michelle and Rachel joined us.  It was a fantastic day.

The kids have been skiing since they were 2 years old.  Since I was tied up with the event most of the day, we chose to put them both in ski lessons for a few hours, which they really enjoyed.

I had the opportunity to break away from the day to ski a while with them in the afternoon.  Being an avid skier myself, it warmed my heart to see how good my kids can ski and how much they truly enjoy the sport.  They are both solid Blue (intermediate) skiers.

Tristan is able to link his turns and uses the wedge Tristan @ Tele-Fest9minimally while controlling his speed very well on the slopes.

Rachel is more like I was when I started at 8 years old.

Rachel @ Hoodoo

Does a great job at making her turns and can stop, but has no issue with just going straight down the steep slopes only making a few turns along the way.

Very proud of my little kiddos!!!

One response to “Tele-Fest 2013 @ Hoodoo Oregon

  1. Pam and Ron Nicolson

    Glad you had a good weekend all of you. I miss those days with you boys in Germany so I know how you feel and are proud of your children . We head home tomorrow and hope to make it in one day weather permitting . Xxx

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