Birthday Adventures

We are continuing our birthday theme this year for the kids.  We did not have official birthday parties where we invite 10-15 friends.  Instead we took Tristan to a water park in July, and Rachel wanted to follow suit.  Today we went to the new water park in McMinnville, Oregon.  The water park is at the air and space museum.  A must if you are ever close.  The Evergreen Air and Space Museum is right next door to the pool and owned by the same people.

What makes this waterpark so amazing is not just that they have 10 waterslides with more than 2,000 feet of sliding surface, but that 4 of those slides come out of the escape slides on a REAL Boeing 747 aircraft that was retired from service in 2008.  The Evergreen 747 was stripped down and mounted on top of the building.  There are so many activities for kids, including slides, wave pools, spa, water play structure that dumps 300 gallons of water from a helicopter every few minutes, leisure pool, and science activities upstairs.

When we first thought about going here, I must admit that I was a little daunted by the price.  It cost $30.00 per person plus $7.00 for a locker.  So we were into it for $127.00 and were just hoping the kids liked it and that Rachel especially enjoyed the BIG slides.  Well we spent 6 ¼ hours there with only a very “quick” lunch.  We spent all the time in the water.  We had an amazing time, and I also put the cost into perspective.  Where else could we go and have so much fun for $5.30 per person per hour.  Their food was also reasonably priced.  We all ate well for $19.50.

It was one of those family days that you dream of, especially during the difficult times.  We left the house around 8 am and got home at 7 pm.  Not once during that time did the kids fight, complain, argue, fuss, whine, or generally be unpleasant.  Michelle and I found ourselves truly enjoying the family time and celebrating Rachel’s early birthday.  After the waterpark we also spend an hour at the air and space museum.

All in all this was a wonderful day that I will try to hold on to, especially tomorrow when I’m sure we will all go back to normal.

Thankful for those times.

Happy Trails

2 responses to “Birthday Adventures

  1. you easily would have spent $127 on a friend birthday party! Glad you all had a great time!

  2. Happy Birthday Rachel lots of love Nana and Grandpa xxxx

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