Boys Camping Weekend

This last weekend we embarked on our annual boys camping weekend. This is something we started 3 years ago. Tristan really wanted to go camping, and we also wanted some one-on-one time with the kids. For the first two trips we all camped in tents. This year was the first time we took two travel trailers. Boy what a difference. It was nice to have some of the mod-cons of home. It was my kind of camping with heater, air conditioning, microwave and bathroom. Yes, I am going soft in my old age.

This year we had 5 boys and 4 dads who came along. The last two years we went to Clear Lake Resort in Oregon. This year one of the other dads coordinated the planning of the trip, and we went to Twin Lakes Resort near Bend, Oregon. The resort is located in central Oregon and just minutes from the peaks of the Cascade Mountains. The scenery is amazing.

Twin Lakes Resort is a great place with lots for the kids to do. We went swimming and kayaking in the lake, mountain bike riding over some little jumps, and played lots of games. The kids had more snacks and treats that they normally would, especially since the mums were not there. If they were quiet and safe and eating treats, all was good. The boys had a great time. Our trailer has four bunk beds and the first night they were all full with the boys. Two of the dads lucked out with their tents all to themselves.

It’s not all for the young boys. The big boys had some fun too. We stayed up and played poker and cribbage and drank a little. It was my first time playing poker, and I’m pleased to say I beat the others in three straight games. Beginner’s luck, I guess. I would be remised if I did not mention the food. Boy did we eat well. We divvy up the meals so that not everyone is cooking and to ensure we do not double up on everything. Everyone is assigned a meal to prep and cook along with bringing the supplies. There was SO MUCH good food; we have some great cooks.

Unfortunately Rachel is the only girl in the group; none of the others have younger sisters. Rachel and I went on our own little camping trip a few weeks before this one. Once she starts public school next week, my hope is that she will find a friend that we could start this tradition with — a daddy-daughter camping trip with some of her friends.

We had such a great time at this location that we booked next year’s trip before we left and decided we needed to extend it by one day. While these trips have always been fun, they are certainly getting more so and easier as the kids get older.

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