Camp Yale

This last weekend we went camping with some friends of ours at Camp Yale.  Camp Yale is located approximately 56 miles east of Eugene, Oregon, and is part of Belknap Hot Springs.  Belknap Hot Springs is located on the McKenzie River.  The hot springs are mineral based and normally run around 104 degrees.  It is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate.

Our campsite was nestled among some trees and had some nice trails.  The kids and their friend Gabe had a lot of fun playing cards, riding bikes, making smores, and swimming in the hot springs among other activities. It’s one thing to go camping on your own, but it is much more fun to go with friends.  We had two trailers side-by-side full of more food than we needed and a wee drink or two.





Saturday night however turned the tides of the weekend.  We still had an enjoyable time, but Rachel got sick around 1 am, which caused us to change the sheet in our bed (yes she had come to our bed because she was not feeling well).  She proceeded to throw-up about every 45 minutes for the remainder of the night.  Michelle went to sleep in Rachel’s bunk bed in an attempt to get a little sleep.  By 6 am Rachel and I got up and went to do laundry.  Luckily the camp site had laundry facilities.

This trip saw no issues with the trailer; thankfully we seem to have resolved all of the initial issues we had with the trailer.  Looking forward to our next trip in a couple of weeks when Tristan and I go off for our father-son camping weekend to Twin Lakes Resort.

One response to “Camp Yale

  1. Hope it was no more than too many smores and that she is well now. I remember the fun we all on our camping trips in Europe.

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