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Boys Camping Weekend

This last weekend we embarked on our annual boys camping weekend. This is something we started 3 years ago. Tristan really wanted to go camping, and we also wanted some one-on-one time with the kids. For the first two trips we all camped in tents. This year was the first time we took two travel trailers. Boy what a difference. It was nice to have some of the mod-cons of home. It was my kind of camping with heater, air conditioning, microwave and bathroom. Yes, I am going soft in my old age.

This year we had 5 boys and 4 dads who came along. The last two years we went to Clear Lake Resort in Oregon. This year one of the other dads coordinated the planning of the trip, and we went to Twin Lakes Resort near Bend, Oregon. The resort is located in central Oregon and just minutes from the peaks of the Cascade Mountains. The scenery is amazing.

Twin Lakes Resort is a great place with lots for the kids to do. We went swimming and kayaking in the lake, mountain bike riding over some little jumps, and played lots of games. The kids had more snacks and treats that they normally would, especially since the mums were not there. If they were quiet and safe and eating treats, all was good. The boys had a great time. Our trailer has four bunk beds and the first night they were all full with the boys. Two of the dads lucked out with their tents all to themselves.

It’s not all for the young boys. The big boys had some fun too. We stayed up and played poker and cribbage and drank a little. It was my first time playing poker, and I’m pleased to say I beat the others in three straight games. Beginner’s luck, I guess. I would be remised if I did not mention the food. Boy did we eat well. We divvy up the meals so that not everyone is cooking and to ensure we do not double up on everything. Everyone is assigned a meal to prep and cook along with bringing the supplies. There was SO MUCH good food; we have some great cooks.

Unfortunately Rachel is the only girl in the group; none of the others have younger sisters. Rachel and I went on our own little camping trip a few weeks before this one. Once she starts public school next week, my hope is that she will find a friend that we could start this tradition with — a daddy-daughter camping trip with some of her friends.

We had such a great time at this location that we booked next year’s trip before we left and decided we needed to extend it by one day. While these trips have always been fun, they are certainly getting more so and easier as the kids get older.

Camp Yale

This last weekend we went camping with some friends of ours at Camp Yale.  Camp Yale is located approximately 56 miles east of Eugene, Oregon, and is part of Belknap Hot Springs.  Belknap Hot Springs is located on the McKenzie River.  The hot springs are mineral based and normally run around 104 degrees.  It is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate.

Our campsite was nestled among some trees and had some nice trails.  The kids and their friend Gabe had a lot of fun playing cards, riding bikes, making smores, and swimming in the hot springs among other activities. It’s one thing to go camping on your own, but it is much more fun to go with friends.  We had two trailers side-by-side full of more food than we needed and a wee drink or two.





Saturday night however turned the tides of the weekend.  We still had an enjoyable time, but Rachel got sick around 1 am, which caused us to change the sheet in our bed (yes she had come to our bed because she was not feeling well).  She proceeded to throw-up about every 45 minutes for the remainder of the night.  Michelle went to sleep in Rachel’s bunk bed in an attempt to get a little sleep.  By 6 am Rachel and I got up and went to do laundry.  Luckily the camp site had laundry facilities.

This trip saw no issues with the trailer; thankfully we seem to have resolved all of the initial issues we had with the trailer.  Looking forward to our next trip in a couple of weeks when Tristan and I go off for our father-son camping weekend to Twin Lakes Resort.

Couch to 5K

Earlier this summer Tristan and his friend decided that they wanted to run a race, so the mums decided to help them accomplish this.  They started a running program called Couch-to-5k. This program is so simple that it works.  They were into the program for about 5 weeks when I decided to join them.  Like them I have never been a runner but needed an escape for some of the stress of work as well as an avenue to lose a little weight.

The program takes you through easy progressive steps from walking to jogging to running in increments and, yes, “there is an app for that.”  With my head-set on I walk and when the commanding voice says “Now let’s jog,” I jog. I’ve been running for a couple of weeks now and today I ran my first 25 minute stretch.  If I knew how good I would feel after running, I would have started a long time ago.

I always wondered who those crazy people were out running in all weather conditions and at all times of the day.  I must confess that I might become one of them.  For three mornings this week I left for work at 4:15 am, yes AM, to go running.  In the past I would have said that was crazy, but currently I can say that I feel great after running.  Getting off the couch or out of bed is that hardest part.

Time will tell how I am able to keep this up and how far I can go.  At the moment the focus is on a 5K with the kids.