Test run to Coburg Oregon

We got to Premier RV Park in Coburg Oregon around 2:30 pm today. Rachel and I set up the caravan and tested all of the features that were fixed under warranty last week.  So far all of the warranty items have performed flawlessly.  I love having the CD player work and also the A/C without it cutting out every 15 minutes.  The electric water heater also seems to be doing fine.  I left the switch on for a couple of hours with no breakers popping.

Rachel has had all kinds of fun.  We went swimming. She got to ride bike alongside dad while he was running, ate pie and ice-cream and watched her favorite movie Tangled, and now we are winding down for the night.

Set up was a whole another story today.  This is only the third time I have done all the set up, and it showed.  I have been told that it is advisable to make a check sheet, and I learned first-hand today why it was so important (not done yet).  I leveled the trailer no problem then began to unhook the trailer from the Sequoia.  All was going well till the ball came loose from the car.  Any guesses what I forgot? Yes, the wheel chocks.  The trailer started sliding back and fell off the block of wood under the front leg.  Luckily the safety chains were still hooked up.  It was a little work getting everything back to normal, but we got there eventually.

When we get home I have an electrician coming by the house to wire in a 30 amp outlet so that we are able to be plugged in beside the house.  It will certainly make planning to leave a little easier — having the fridge/freezer all ready to go, use of lights etc.  Also we now have a built in guest room if needed.

Learning lessons all the time about the caravan.  When I get home I WILL be creating a set up and break down check sheet to keep with me.


One response to “Test run to Coburg Oregon

  1. Sounds as if all is well now and you and Rachel had a great ‘Father/Daughter time’

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