­­­­­Day 7 – Back Home

We made it home today safe and sound.  We had a great trip and the kids really enjoyed themselves.  It was also very nice for the kids to meet each other.

The overall trip was 1,287 miles long. It was a great shake down for the new trailer and also gave us a great idea of how the Toyota Sequoia handled the weight and how she pulled the hills.  The total elevation on this trip was 4,310 ft.  We averaged 9.1 MPG on the home trip and a little more on the southbound run.  After traveling both ways on I-5 to and from California, I can say that the northbound run has a much more aggressive incline than the south bound run.  She pulled the grades well both directions and we were able to maintain a minimum of 45 MPH on all grades.

On the way home we dropped off the trailer with the dealer where we purchased it so that we could have several warranty issues addressed prior to our next run.  We have a 90 day warranty and plan to put it to the test during that time and ensure everything is up to snuff.

Looking forward to the next run in a few weeks!!!



One response to “­­­­­Day 7 – Back Home

  1. From experience, it is a good thing to use that trailer a lot during the warranty and get everything fixed. It will make the rest of your time in it less of a headache. happy trails

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