Day 6 – Stockton Delta Koa California

Today marks our last official day of camping/vacationing prior to our 9-10 hour drive home tomorrow. Keith has to be back in work Monday morning and back to reality.

Today we spent time in the pool here at the KOA, went to cousin Sandi’s house and swam in the bay, had a BBQ and all in all had a nice relaxing time. The kids even got to take a trip on Sandi & Dave’s jet skis. I think it was the highlight of the day.

Tristan and Rachel really enjoyed spending time with their cousin Laird and having all kinds of sing-a-longs with his ukulele. We had a hilarious concert after dinner that brought down the house, led by 3-year-old Laird.


One response to “Day 6 – Stockton Delta Koa California

  1. Glad that you had a great time. Also glad that Laird, Rachel, and Tristan finally got together. They are three great grandkids!

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