­­­­­Day 5 – Stockton Delta Koa California

Today started out with a nice relaxing breakfast of bacon and eggs followed by some time playing in the park.  For lunch we packed up a picnic and drove along the Delta to a state park.  Although parts of the park were closed, we managed to find a nice spot to eat. Sadie really enjoyed the trails we walked along while the kids rode their scooters.

In the afternoon we drove over to Discovery Bay where Michelle’s cousin lives and had a fun afternoon playing in the water and visiting.  Michelle’s sister Denise along with her family showed up around two and joined in the fun. We took the opportunity to celebrate Tristan’s birthday, which was Wednesday, and Aaron’s (Denise’s husband) birthday, which was Monday.

All in all it was another fun-filled day, but I am now ready for some sleep…


One response to “­­­­­Day 5 – Stockton Delta Koa California

  1. Glad to see everyone having lots of fun. Glad to see that Tristan and Rachel have finally met their cousin. Glad that Laird finally got to meet his cousins. I’m also glad to see that you are having lots of fun with you new trailer. I understand the problems, most of which are minor, but can have a big impact, or so it seems.

    It’s really great to follow you blog and know that my two daughters are having fun with their families and each others families!

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