Day 3 – Stockton Delta KOA California

It’s been an interesting day. Today Tristan turned 8 years old. We started the day with gifts and a breakfast of his choice, which was pancakes and milk. After breakfast we started to break down camp and get ready for our trip to the Delta. All in all the drive went well, and we improved our fuel economy up to 11.1 MPG, primarily due to the fact that we did not have any big hills to go over.

About 1 hour out of the Delta, I noticed a window had blown open on the trailer and was flapping about. When I pulled over I was able to see that the latch had broken on the kitchen window. The dealer broke it during our inspection and thought he had fixed it so it would be warranty. Luckily I travel with duct tape and was able to seal it shut.

Once we got to the KOA, we spent the afternoon playing in the water park and swimming pool and the kids jumped on the huge bounce mat. For the birthday boy’s dinner we found a nice Italian restaurant at the KOA where we had margaritas (grown-ups), sodas, pizza and cheese sticks followed by smores. It is now 8:47 pm, and we have two tired kids fast asleep… Looking forward to tomorrow when we get to visit with our friend Carl and see Michelle’s cousin Sandi.


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