Day 1 – Redding Californina

Today we left Eugene, Oregon, on our maiden voyage with the caravan.  We traveled to Redding, California, where we are spending a couple of days so we can take the kids to the huge water park for Tristan’s birthday.  It was basically an uneventful trip and everything went well with the set up of the unit once we arrived.  We did find one warranty issue with the water heater when it is on mains but it works fine on gas.  If that is all we find, then we are home free.

I was concerned with how the Toyota Sequoia would pull the trailer.  I should not have worried.  She pulled great.  Our trip took us over Mount Shasta and the Siskiyou Mountains.  We topped out at 4,310 feet.  The Toyota pulled great and never dropped below 50 unless we were stuck behind a truck in road construction.  We also maintained 9 MPG.

All in all a successful run.

Happy Trails

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